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Name:SVU Femslash
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Law & Order: SVU community for all your femslash goodness.
This community is for all things SVU femslash related. Have you written a fic? Post it here! Made icons? Post them here! What about meta? As long as there is femslash involved and at least one character from the SVU-verse (crossovers are fine!) this is the place to post it.

We've just got a few rules so this place can be drama free, with no need for the mods to put on their modly hats.

+ No flaming/trolling/general negative behaviour. It's a simple rule, but it's surprising how many people forget about basic courtesy when they are hidden behind a computer screen. You can offer constructive criticism if the author/icon maker/etc asks for it, but please remember to be polite about it.

+ No depictions of pedophilia or bestiality (outside of the realm of an SVU case file).

+ Rape, sexual abuse, physical abuse, mental abuse are what the show is based on. That does not mean any fics containing these things should not be given good warning. You MUST post warnings when posting fics that feature any of the above. Any fics that glorify or promote any of the above will be deleted.

+ Consentual BDSM is NOT abuse and fics having BDSM elements are welcome here. We realize that for some this is simply a fic kink and for others it is a lifestyle choice. Whether you chose to note BDSM in your content (through a warning, summary, author's note or device of your choice) is up to you.

+ Kink of all sorts is welcome.

+ Please rate your fic and should you so choose, tag your post with the appropriate warning setting.

+ Please pay attention to the tags, and tag your post appropriately.

+ All fics should be posted under a cut or fake cut:

To do a cut:

+ Icon posts can have up to three icons as a preview, the rest need to go under a cut or fake cut.

+ Please warn for and put all spoilers behind a cut. Things are considered spoilers until one week after the original air date in the US. Rumoured spoilers etc should also go behind a cut. Please just use common sense and courtesy.

+Please follow the posting format for fic/vids:

Format for posting a fic:

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